Although Twin Peaks is the oldest of the TV shows and movies I obsess over, and the first such obsession I encountered, I didn’t want this to be my first post. That’s because I just.. don’t have a lot to say about it! I love everything about it, but I certainly don’t understand it.

Famous portrait of Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer wearing her hair up with a tiara in it.
Laura Palmer’s iconic Homecoming portrait.

I first watched Twin Peaks as a child. Perhaps not the best idea; I was definitely terrified at times. But I was also immediately enchanted, even if I understood none of what was going on. I have watched it many times over the years, getting to appreciate different aspects of it with age. I’ve now been the same age as quite a few of the characters during my rewatches. I still discover new things every time I watch.

Agent Cooper, in a black suit with a white shirt and black tie, sitting at his breakfast table at the Great Northern, clapping his hands as he talks excitedly about how much he likes it when maple syrup collides with ham. The waitress' hand holding a notepad is just in the frame on the right.
Agent Cooper, seated at his breakfast table at the Great Northern, talking about maple syrup colliding with ham (S1-E4).

I like the atmosphere, the weirdness, the music, and the characters. Basically every scene is iconic. My love for Twin Peaks definitely needs an intro post on this blog, but I don’t know that there will be many future posts about the subject. On the other hand, sometimes I surprise myself by how much I suddenly have to say about things I didn’t think I had a lot to say about. I guess we’ll see.

A scene from Twin Peaks, with Sherriff Truman, Deputies Hawk and Andy sitting at a long conference table with a huge tray of donuts and two pots of coffee. Lucy is standing on the far end of the room by a blackboard with a map of Twin Peaks drawn in chalk. Next to my DVD is a Twin Peaks box set and a plate with donuts, lined up with the donuts on the screen.
Donuts and Blu-ray discs for Twin Peaks weekend with a friend.