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100 reasons to love Babylon 5

There are, of course, more than 100 reasons to love Babylon 5, but here’s a 100-tweet love letter to the show. These tweets were not originally threaded to maximize hashtag impact for a tweet storm but I’ve lined them up… Continue Reading →

Things I love: The Expanse

I love both The Expanse show and The Expanse book series, and I’ll likely talk about both at the same time a lot in future posts, but in this one, I mostly just talk about how I came to be… Continue Reading →

Things I love: Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road came out when I went to see movies in theaters regularly. Although I was familiar with the earlier Mad Max movies, I didn’t know that much about Fury Road; it was really just a new movie… Continue Reading →

Things I love: LOTR

I’ve liked fantasy for as long as I can remember. In my late teens, I frequented a shop that was named after a Middle Earth location. It was a shop that sold roleplaying games, figurines, card games, and other stuff… Continue Reading →

Things I love: Twin Peaks

Although Twin Peaks is the oldest of the TV shows and movies I obsess over, and the first such obsession I encountered, I didn’t want this to be my first post. That’s because I just.. don’t have a lot to… Continue Reading →

Things I love: Babylon 5

There are some movies and TV shows that immediately grab me; they tend to be the ones I then become mildly obsessed with. One of those is Babylon 5.


Welcome, Friends! I’m glad you’re here. This is my very first post on a new blog. I’m not great with firsts! I’m collecting some stuff I’ve written elsewhere and preparing some new stuff. It’s probably going to take me a… Continue Reading →

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