Mad Max: Fury Road came out when I went to see movies in theaters regularly. Although I was familiar with the earlier Mad Max movies, I didn’t know that much about Fury Road; it was really just a new movie to go see. But when I saw it, it grabbed me pretty much immediately. I think it’s mostly the editing that did it, but I like pretty much everything about this movie. When I left the theater, I felt like I had just gotten off a roller coaster and I wanted to get right back on. I went to see Fury Road several more times. I may not have as much to say about it as some of my other obsessions, because, well, it’s only a single movie, but we’ll see.

Mad Max Fury Road movie poster. It has the name of the movie in large yellow letters with some apparent blood stains on them against a dark background. Below that are Furiosa and Max driving a vehicle. At the top, it says "The Future Belongs to the Mad" in a blue font that looks a bit like it was painted with a brush.